Popular Reggae Mixmaster DJ Moh Quits Dohty Family!

Popular Reggae Mixmaster DJ Moh Quits Dohty Family!

After a ten-year stint at Dohty Family, popular Kenyan reggae spinmaster DJ Moh has finally quit the entertainment unit.

According to DJ Moh, quitting his management label was a hard decision for him to make.

He wrote partly on his social media pages some moments ago: “It’s been a journey full of ups and downs but I’m thankful for everything I’ve learnt and everyone I’ve met along the way.

“I hereby wish to inform all my fans and followers at large that I will no longer be under the above management (Dohty Family).

“This was definitely a hard decision and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity I was given. I wish to focus on building my own Brand.”

Moh added, “To my lovely fans who have been with me through the best and the worst times, those who have even turned into life time friends, the ones who always turn up for my events regardless of the distance, I am forever grateful for without you there’s no me.

“I wish to state that I am and will continue to entertain as a reggae DJ but on my own management.”